We understand the importance of delivering quality to your customers, especially their morning coffee. Our takeaway coffee cup trays ensure transportation of beverages without the worry of spills or inconvenient handling. Available in 2-cell and 4-cell variants, these trays are designed for versatility, catering to both individual customers and larger groups. 2 Cell Coffee Cup Tray: This lightweight yet robust tray is perfect for your customers ordering two beverages. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, providing a hassle-free experience for your customers. 4 Cell Coffee Cup Tray: For orders involving four drinks, our 4-cell coffee cup tray is the answer. Suitable for family outings, office orders, and social events, this tray ensures that your customers can manage multiple drinks with ease. Investing in our eco-friendly, sturdy takeaway coffee cup trays not only means investing in your customers' convenience, but also resonates with your commitment to the environment. Let's join hands in creating a greener, customer-friendly experience.

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