Our takeaway cup lids & accessories are designed with quality, convenience and sustainability in mind. Takeaway Coffee Cup Lids: Our lids ensure a secure, leak-free experience, allowing your coffee to stay where it belongs - in your cup. Made from BPA-free plastic, they are safe, recyclable, and fit snugly on most standard takeaway coffee cups. Takeaway Coffee Cup Sleeves: Protect your hands from the heat of your beverage with our coffee cup sleeves. They are made from recycled paper, providing an eco-friendly solution to your coffee carrying needs. Their corrugated design offers excellent insulation and a comfortable grip. Takeaway Coffee Cup Trays: Our trays are sturdy, allowing for safe transportation of multiple cups. Made from recycled cardboard, they are light, strong and feature deep wells to hold cups securely. Takeaway Coffee Lid Plugs: Our takeaway coffee lid plugs are a small but vital part of your takeaway coffee experience. They securely plug the sipping hole on the coffee cup lid, preventing spills and keeping your drink hot for longer. Safe and recyclable, they are the unsung heroes of your coffee journey. With our collection, we strive to make your coffee takeaway experience seamless and enjoyable.

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