Explore our great range of Cutlery & Straws. Crafted with care, our Wooden Cutlery set is not just eco-friendly but also adds a rustic elegance to the table setting. The sturdy construction ensures the cutlery can handle a variety of dishes, making it a perfect choice for any event.Our Compostable Cutlery is a sustainable alternative to plastic. Made from plant-based materials, our cutlery is sturdy, functional, and breaks down naturally after use. This makes it ideal for business owners aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.Our Paper Straws offer an excellent alternative to plastic straws, designed to be biodegradable without compromising on quality. With a robust structure, they are perfect for both hot and cold beverages and add a touch of class to your drink presentation.Finally, our Compostable Straws designed for the eco-conscious business. Made from plant-derived materials, they are sturdy, suitable for all beverages, and can be composted post-use, contributing to a greener environment. So why wait? Shop our Cutlery & Straws today!

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