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Baking Paper vs Greaseproof Paper

Baking Paper vs Greaseproof Paper

Are you confused about the difference between greaseproof and baking paper? You're not alone. When it comes to baking, cooking or wrapping food, many of us don't really understand what makes these two papers different - and consequently which one is right for each task. To help make sure that you get the most out of your baking paper and greaseproof paper, we've compiled this short guide on everything there is to know!

So, What's the difference?

Baking paper (also known as parchment paper) and greaseproof paper might look similar, but there are some key differences between the two. Baking paper is a heat safe, non-stick paper that's used in cooking and baking to keep items from sticking to the pan. On the other hand, greaseproof paper is more versatile and can be used for lining food containers or packaging products. It's also great for covering shelves or drawer liners since it helps repel water and oils. In terms of use within baking, baking paper tends to be much more reliable since it can withstand high temperatures. Greaseproof paper may start to blacken during cooking so it should only be used to line pans at low heats or when roasting vegetables. Ultimately, both kinds of papers are useful if you know what they are best suited for!

Good news, we stock both Baking Paper & Greaseproof Paper!

Baking Paper: 

GP Easy Bake Roll - 120m X 30cm

GP Easy Bake Roll - 120m X 40cm

Greaseproof Paper:

Our Greaseproof Paper is available in white, kraft, gingham and newspaper print! Huge range of sizes available!

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