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Are sushi containers recyclable?

Are sushi containers recyclable?

Do you enjoy sushi? Are you interested in recycling responsibly to reduce your environmental footprint? If so, then you might have already asked yourself the very important question: “Are sushi containers recycleable"? Well let’s get into it and shed some light on this worthwhile topic. In this blog post, we'll explore what sushi containers are made of, how best to dispose of them and highlight the eco-friendly advantages. After reading through our helpful tips, you can feel good knowing that there are ways for us all to individually contribute to a greener future

What are sushi containers made of?

Sushi containers, a.k.a sushi clams, are made from polypropylene (PP) plastic. Learning more about their environmental impact is essential; fortunately, PP plastic is very easy to recycle, meaning it can be reused and turned into new products instead of ending up in landfills. PP plastic has a high melting point of 165°F compared to other plastics like PE or PET which have lower melting points. This means that during the recycling process the item does not degrade or break down; another bonus for sustainability!

How to recycle sushi containers?

Recycling sushi containers is an easy and beneficial act that takes little effort. In order to do so, all food residue must be removed and the containers must be rinsed. Once clean, the containers can be recycled just like any other plastic product - simply locate your nearest recycling facility, or place them in a recycling bin for curbside pick-up if available. It is important to remember that regular recyclables such as glass, metal or paper should not be placed inside the PP sushi container.

Where can I buy sushi containers? 

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